Our Vision:

Veterans Victories empowers veterans to improve their health by providing CBD oil with integrity and respect.


Our Mission:

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for our clients by incorporating proper nutrition and quality products that actually work!

By following God’s work, to operate in a life-giving and abundant environment, to serve our clients.



Linda Casale, MSN, RN, PMHN-BC has enjoyed working in many different areas of nursing over her career. For over twenty years she has worked as a psychiatric-mental health nurse. A graduate of the University of Dundee with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Nursing and a Master of Nursing from Capella University she has a diverse educational background. In addition, she is a Board Certified Nurse in Psychiatric-Mental Health and Geriatric Nursing. She is an adjunct clinical nursing professor at a local university and healthcare college.
She is excited about sharing the benefits of CBD oil and its future in the nation’s health care system. For the many issues that impact veterans, she believes learning about CBD oil can have a positive impact on the veteran population. She is looking forward to contributing and participating in educating her clients and their families about the benefits of CBD oil.